Yekani Media Launch

Yekani constructed and officially launched a R1-billion world-class Smart Factory in East London. The purpose of this project was to respond to government’s call to re-industrialise intermediate cities & stimulate manufacturing in provinces such as the Eastern Cape and in SA, as a whole.


Media Launch event - The purpose of this was to position Yekani as pioneers of technology innovation in Africa, its Intellectual Property - its employees with a focus on employees (Youth) more so because the event took place during Youth Month, June 2018.


The launch was also used to create awareness around the 400 jobs that had already been created as well as the additional 1000 the company intended to create in the short-to-medium term.

The success of the event was achieved through the inter-agency collaboration between LIVE+, Marketing Mix and TheGrind PR – this included both skills transfer and content sharing.


ROI: The value of the Media Coverage generated on launch day and post event was R8,5 million.