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MTN8 Wafa Wafa

MTN8 has always prided itself on bringing life-changing experiences to football fans and consumers. The task for PR over the years has been to ensure these experiences reach the intended audience, through an extensive rollout of the PR initiatives.


  1. This had to be achieved by ensuring we create positive relationships with media stakeholders that would lead to additional interviews and coverage for the campaign period.    

  2. And to increase the number of media house engagements year on year.

For the past years, a consolidated PR effort was mounted to engage football fans and media to ensure awareness and engagement. 

To reach the audiences TGPR made use of:


  1. Former football players who fulfilled the role of MTN8 ambassadorship  

  2. Community media, especially radio as research demonstrated that it is the preferred media consumed by football fans

  3. Running an online quiz with more than 100 media participating in the competition across the country.


The team recorded growth in media coverage in tier 1 media platforms, year on year. Making use of former footballers as ambassadors generated more talkability for the MTN8 tournament. 

In the previous year we achieved:


  • More than R29 million Media Coverage Average

  • 401 interviews conducted 

  • 341 Radio interviews (National, Regional & Community)

  • 34 Television interviews (National, Regional & Community)

  • 20 Print interviews (National, Regional & Community).

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