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The Standard Bank Gallery

Over the years the Standard Bank Gallery has hosted several exhibitions, such as “A resilient visionary: the poetic expressions of David Koloane”- a retrospective exhibition celebrating over 60 years of David Koloane’s art career;  “Lumieres d'Afriques which is a group exhibition comprising 54 artists from across the African continent; as well as “Photography in our Mother Tongue” and included images from Standard Bank Corporate Art Collection's wide-ranging selection of photographs made during the period between 2003 and 2017.

TGPR’s role included profiling and publicising the exhibitions, soliciting interviews for the gallery manager and artists, and encouraging media to write up reviews and thought leadership pieces on icons such as David Koloane. This has resulted in maximum media coverage in various relevant media platforms.

The following coverage was generated during the various campaign periods (3months):

  • LDA = more than R4.9 million Media Coverage 

  • David Koloane = more than R5.2 m Coverage 

  •  Photography in Our Mother Tongue = more than R2.5m Media Coverage.


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